Free Money From T-Mobile?

If you use T-Mobile and expect to have a refund when tax time rolls around, you may be in luck. The telecommunications giant recently announced that they will reward customers who use their Mobile Money service for having their refunds directly deposited onto their reloadable cards with an additional $20 tax credit. While the credit won’t automatically be given to all T-Mobile customers, it will be easy enough to get. Signing up for Mobile Money is simple, and there is no need to keep using it once you’ve received your refund and additional $20.

Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?

T-Mobile customers who already have the T-Mobile prepaid card are the most likely to take advantage of this offer. Still, it’s well worth it to sign up for the card in the meantime to take advantage of the offer too. The offer is valid from January 14 through April 30, so you have plenty of time to get all of your ducks in a row. Of course, you need to file your taxes as well, and you have to have a refund coming to you in order to take advantage of this offer. As long as those criteria are met, however, you should be able to get the free $20 without any trouble.

Why is T-Mobile Doing This?

You may be wondering why T-Mobile would agree to give free $20 credits to so many people. Not surprisingly, it boils down to making money. You see, the more people who use their Mobile Money app and prepaid card, the more money T-Mobile makes from providing those services. This is a classic example of spending money to make it, but that in no way means that you’re going to have to spend money to get your credit.

Why Prepaid T-Mobile Cards?

Immediately after T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to Twitter to announce the special offer, T-Mobile customers were abuzz with excitement. As noted by the CEO, 68 million Americans are “under-banked,” which essentially means that they don’t have access to traditional banking for a variety of reasons. In most cases, these are folks who have had issues with bank accounts in the past, so they are no longer able to open them. Others, however, choose not to use regular banks. Prepaid cards are very popular with those without access to regular banking products, and T-Mobile got in on the prepaid card act a while back to take advantage of that popularity.

Getting Your Free Money

To get your free $20, you don’t actually have to use T-Mobile. You just need to have a Mobile Money account and a prepaid, reloadable T-Mobile card. The mobile carrier provides instructions on having your refund directly loaded onto your card, which is significantly faster than waiting for a paper check to arrive. T-Mobile hopes that this offer will raise awareness about the Mobile Money service, which allows people to pay bills, deposit money and take care of a variety of other financial transactions. It’s not every day that someone gives you $20 for free, so be sure to take advantage of this offer.

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