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Let’s face it, by now you have probably heard of or read about possible money-making opportunities online, followed by many exaggerated promises. Perhaps you may even be a victim of one of these “make money fast” scams. Most of the time, these scams are brilliant works of clever marketing using incentive baiting strategies to lure you into signing up. The truth is nobody will pay you $25 an hour to stuff envelopes, when an automated stuffing machine can for about $5000 dollars, easy. We have seen it all at that is why our mission is to weed out the bad and highlight the authentic ones to help you further attain your goal of financial freedom.

Picture yourself as the boss of your own company, working in the comfort of your home. Yes you can be successful and yes, you can earn a substantial amount doing so. Most of our featured money-making solutions are performance-based, so if this is what you’re looking for, then can help!

Here are the top 3 little known secrets to earn free money online. These are seemingly familiar yet surprisingly new online money making opportunities that are sure to put you on the right track.

1 Applying for Government Grants

Government Grants, by definition are funds disbursed by the government to a recipient, individual or a business entity. Grants are the government’s way of helping to stimulate economic growth. This program has been established since the  Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1977 although most aren’t familiar with it. Since the heyday of affordable household internet, Government Grants have slowly been reintroduced to society as an alternative process of acquiring financial assistance.

There are many different types of grants made available to the public. Essentially, these grants virtually cover every kind of financial need. Commonly known are Education Grants, Business Grants, Personal Grants, Housing Grants and Federal Grants. Contrary to what most people think, applying for grants is a relatively easy process, though it’s important to research, prepare, and write a good proposal to the government or have the option of getting a free all-in-one grant kit.

An Overview of Available Government Grants Funds

Government Funding To Date
State Funds Awarded Funds Claimed
Ohio 5.8 Billion $1.7 Billion
Arizona $3.2 Billion $1 Billion
Michigan $6.3 Billion $2.1 Billion
Texas $11.4 Billion $2.7 Billion
Colorado $3.2 Billion $0.9 Billion
New Mexico $2.1 Billion $0.5 Billion
Washington $7.1 Billion $1.9 Billion
Illinois $6.9 Billion $2.9 Billion
Florida $8.1 Billion $1.3 Billion
South Carolina $5.6 Billion $1.3 Billion

2 Work-from-home Opportunities

Have you ever felt the post-vacation blues? Do you have a stable job but still long for more financial gain? Or, do you just want to take full advantage of your time making more money? Well, working at home is a great option for you.

Top companies have their penny pinching strategies to cut costs and to source out the workforce to an all-inclusive online community. It has been a proven success, but with it has attracted the attention of schemers that will tempt you with unrealistic goals.

One piece of advice: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Let us provide you with a filtered list of home-based jobs with unquestionable legitimacy.

A. Answering Paid Corporate Surveys

Consumer research cost millions to top corporations and is the reason why they have shifted their gears to the least costly yet equally relevant opinions of general internet users. Without scrutinizing quality, these online survey companies choose their virtual employees wisely, even though it is done online. These surveys mostly involve a simple product-based consumer satisfaction rating system. The pay is incentivised depending on the company you are offering your highly regarded opinion to; it can range from as little as $5 to as much as $75 per survey. We would recommend that you start with a general product survey just so you will have more variety.

B. Home-based Administrative Functions

Has it ever crossed your mind that most tasks you do in the office can actually be done at home? With home-based administrative functions, you can. As we have mentioned, it’s about minimizing costs to them, and most of the companies have rely on the quick, cheap and publicly available, internet. This however requires the need of basic home office equipments such as a mid-performance computer and communication devices like headphones for telecommuting home jobs.

C. Online Business Solutions

Let us be the one to tell you that 85% of online business solutions sold on the internet are scams or lack profitability. The reason being is that online marketing is a very competitive beast to slay, and results would often be an extremity of an eminent failure or a massive success. Having said that, we want you to focus on the anatomy of a successful online business and it is very simple, it’s all about traffic! Traffic is money. Most of the online business solutions available right now end up in failure because they only teach you about website development and not about traffic optimization and website monetization.

Anyone with ample time and interest can develop a website with all the convenient idiot-proof tools. Design will not bring you the riches no matter how good your website looks . So if you ever come across an online business solution that focuses on marketing and optimization, chances are you have stumbled on a goldmine. So if you have an iron will topped with great patience we suggest that you go for it.

A FreeMoney

3 Free Online Coupons, Gift Cards and Penny Auctions

Here is a quick fact: 9 out of 10 households in America use coupons and is estimated that 60% actively look for them. Coupons are a highly effective marketing tool for most companies because it creates an urgency of need. These companies heavily rely on coupons because it is a quick and an accountable measure of direct advertising. For whatever their reason is, one thing is certain. Coupons are good for us. In fact it is so good that it has started to get attention from most ecommerce-based businesses. The key benefit of online coupons is that it is readily available at a click of a button.

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