1 Tutoring In Person Or Online

Tutoring has long been one of the best ways to make extra money. If you have any teaching experience or a specialty in a particular subject area, you can tutor in the comfort of your own home. You can even tutor online using a program such as Skype. There is a large demand for tutors who are bilingual that are willing to teach nonnative English speakers to speak correct English. Tutoring is perfect for those who want or need to set their own hours. There are a wide variety of subjects for tutors to teach: math, writing, playing an instrument, playing a sport, or even cooking.

2 Freelance Writing

Since most businesses in today’s technologically savvy world need an online presence, they also need content for their websites. This has created many new writing positions for people who are skilled at writing, who can proofread and edit their own work, and who are looking for ways to make extra money at home. Freelance writing jobs can be done on your own schedule as long as you adhere to the deadlines. Some freelance writing jobs pay by the word while other spay per project. A short term writing job can easily transform into long term work.

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3 Customer Service

There are many customer service employers who will hire work at home employees to answer phone calls from home. Workers in this industry can expect to undergo training to learn how to answer calls, resolve customers’ issues or complaints, or take orders from customers. You might find a position that pays per hour worked or by the number of minutes you are actually on the phone with customers. If the customer service position involves sales, you may be eligible to receive sales bonuses in addition to the base pay provided.

4 Translation

If you are fluent in at least one other language, one of the new ways to make extra money at home is translating documents. You will spend your time translating documents or files in other languages to English. You may need to prove your language abilities either by producing your college transcripts showing appropriate coursework or by passing an online test. Transcription work can be done on your own schedule. You can work for an online transcription company who may pay by the word or project, or you can try freelance translation to set your own price.

5 Create Art

A final way to earn extra money from home is to create art. You can do this using whatever talents and skills you already possess. If you are creative with technology, you might specialize in web design. If you have culinary creativity, you might bake casseroles and stews that can be sold to busy moms. If you like buying junk at storage auctions, you might turn it into treasure to sell at the flea market. The trick to making money with your creativity is knowing your talents and then taking time to market the items you make to potential customers.

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