Canadian Government Grants

The Canadian Government Has Set Aside Billions Of Dollars

The Canadian government has set aside more than $20 billion dollars towards funding programs through grants and loans to Canadian citizens. But how can you, the average person, access these loans?

We’ve set out to see which websites provide the best services to help you identify for which loans you can apply, and how to go about doing so. During our research, we discovered a multitude of “fake” government grant websites, designed to dupe their visitors into thinking they are credible sources for government information. Beware of such sites.

One such site is, which appears to have a wealth of information in the site, but the information is incredible, out-dated and targeted to profit from the visitors, rather than act as a database for information. It is not a helpful tool; rather, a sales initiative.

Fortunately, we found the best site, and Canada’s number one site for government grant information and applications.

This website is a collection of any and all government grant-related information any Canadian could ever need.

What impressed us the most about this website was the plethora of informative articles regarding all aspects of Canadian government grants: women’s grants, business grants, housing grants, education grants, and more. The website also includes up-to-date relevant news information concerning Canadian government grants.

You will notice the ease-to-read homepage is neatly sectioned off, so you can easily find what you are looking for. Want to know more about housing grants? Just click on an article under the Housing header. Each of the sections has myriad articles to answer any question you might have.
The design of the website is one of the nicest we’ve seen. We have to hand it to the folks at – they’ve created a gorgeous interface that is so easy to navigate, we went thru the entire homepage just for the hell of it.

An amazing thing about is that the search function will show you results that are tailored to your specific province. This eliminates the need to weed through articles that aren’t relevant to your particular need.

As well, if you want to see specific examples of government grant awardees, the website provides you with names and grant award totals for 2009 in Canada. This adds an air of legitimacy to this site. is undoubtedly the best resource for government grant information, and you can even apply for a grant kit right on the site.


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