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When it first debuted, no one could have imagined that YouTube would one day make millionaires out of everyday people. What’s crazier still is that it hasn’t just changed the fortunes of humans; it’s turned cats into millionaires too, and Grumpy Cat is perhaps the most famous example. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re surely familiar with the unhappy-looking feline. For a minute there, you couldn’t go online without being greeted with pics of the cat’s decidedly grumpy mug. The hoopla may have died down a bit, but the cat and her owners continue to reap the rewards. If a cranky cat can make it big on YouTube, why can’t you?

How a Cranky Cat Achieved Worldwide Fame

It’s one thing to be famous on YouTube or even the Internet; it’s another to be famous around the world. Incredibly, Grumpy Cat has achieved that, and it all started on YouTube. Her owner, Tabetha Bundesen, posted a video of the funny-faced cat one fateful day. Like any good viral video, it immediately started being passed along and shared from person to person. Social media quickly elevated the cat to fame, and everything else unfolded smoothly from there.

As you’re probably aware, anyone with a YouTube channel can monetize their accounts to start earning money from their videos. There’s no question that the cranky-looking kitty started earning great money for Bundesen from the get-go. She quit her waitressing job within days of posting the first video, so it’s obvious that the cash was flowing in well from the beginning. That alone would have been a pleasant surprise, but Bundesen surely couldn’t have imagined just how far her frisky feline would ultimately go.

Line Up the Right Help

If you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, the first step is to have a video that people inherently want to share. Here’s the problem: There’s really no predicting what will click and what won’t. If there was a formula to follow, everyone would have a viral video of their own. Let’s say you make a video that catches on and goes viral. If you end up with your own version of the sour-faced feline, don’t rest on your laurels. Bundesen and her family enlisted the help of agent Ben Lashes, who has represented Internet stars like Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat. Under his management, the grouchy looking cat lined up a two-book deal, a made-for-TV holiday special and an endorsement from Friskies.

How to Make Money from YouTube the Grumpy Cat Way

While Bundesen’s success makes it all seem so effortless, the truth is that making money from YouTube requires hard work and dedication. Developing a video that people actually want to watch and share is just the first of many steps. Even if it’s the best video ever, it’s not going to achieve a thing without the right marketing. Once it’s gained a toehold, the hard work really begins. By thinking like a business owner from the start, your efforts are far more likely to pay off in the long run.

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