Blog About Your Hobbies And Get Paid

Many people write online about subjects that may earn money online – but aren’t too particularly interested. They burn themselves out. You can bypass this “burn-out” by blogging about your main hobby – even if it’s in a very crowded niche. In order to make money by blogging about your respective hobby, you will want to:

  1. Establish high quality content that makes people want to pay
  2. Sell something!

These steps seem easy, but there is both an art and science to them, let’s go into detail.

Establish Super High Quality Content

High quality is key, apply some of these pointers to your next blog post:

Entertaining – Just be yourself. Do you ever wonder why people love babies? It’s because they do not inhibit themselves – they truly express what they feel. If you can grasp your true personality – you will be able to entertain your audience without fail!

Informative – Include tutorials, statistics, and other educational facts and strategies that might be related to your hobby.

Variety – Have a variety of mediums to express your content. This includes writing, videos, podcasts, and even webinars.

Sociable – Link out to other blogs. Reach out to other blog owners and ask if they would like to guest post on your blog. Building relationships like this is key for blog success.

Increase Community Interaction – Find ways to increase community interaction. You may want to consider using an app like “Disqus.Com” on your blog – this web 2.0 service will make it easier for others to sign in and discuss on your blog.

Monetize Your Hobby!

After you have developed a following – here are some ways to earn money online from your blog.

AdSense – AdSense is one of the most time-tested, approved ways of making money. Each click does not pay that much; however – it can add up quite fast.
Sell Premium Content – Maybe you’re writing a sports blog and have done in-depth statistical research about a specific team. You may have an origami blog in which you give in-depth instructions on how to complete difficult “folds”. In both cases, you can charge users for premium content.

Review Products – Trying out and providing an unbiased review on a specific product – then linking to it through an affiliate link is a great & honest way of making a living.

Ask the Audience – When it doubt, you can always use your audience to learn. Ask them about their pains concerning your specific hobby. Usually if the pain is intense enough, they may buy a solution to fix that problem.

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