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US State Governments Holding Onto Billions Of Dollars

It’s the best financial news Americans have heard all week: US state governments are holding on to billions of dollars in found money that rightfully belong to the American people. Americans can claim this money by applying for government grants from their state government agencies.

Government Grants Distribute Free Money, Found Money, Unclaimed Money, As Well As Allotted Money From The Federal Government

Economists say there is roughly $33 billion in free money sitting in 117 million unique accounts – an average of $280 per unclaimed payment. CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis explained that “found money” – or unclaimed property, as it’s often called – are accounts in various states with which people have lost contact. Often, residual cheques, old deposits, stocks, dividends, uncashed cheques, insurance payments, refunds, annuities, customer over-payments, and more are put into these accounts after the account-holder has abandoned the account without formally closing it.

Apply for a Government Grant

The best avenue to claiming free money is still by applying for a government grant. Each year, the federal government distributes billions of dollars to each state, with the intention of distributing the money as free government grants to American citizens. These grants never have to be re-paid. Government grants have always been the best and most popular way for Americans to claim a portion of the social stimulus.

Jarvis explained that to find money from a state government, all one has to do is search online. There are many websites that store databases of all names of leftover accounts. In fact, each state is required to keep track of missing funds and found money. You simply type in your name and see if it comes up in their list of accounts.

“You’ll need to file a claim with the state government, including your personal information and Social Security number. This can usually be done online. And you’ll need to provide identification. It should take a few weeks to receive the money,” Jarvis said.

You do not have to pay to find this money, but you might have to pay a nominal fee to the state that found your money.

Try these tips for searching for found money:

  • Search all the states in which you’ve lived. Most companies are required to send notices to your last known address.
  • Search under maiden names
  • Search for deceased family members. In most cases, heirs can claim this money.

Jarvis warns of scammers who claim to have your money, but try to charge you a fee for finding it. For more information on found money, visit the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

To apply for a government grant, visit

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