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If you are a victim of the economic slowdown, then free business grants are the best option for you to start a business of your own! The government – federal and state – as well as private funding organizations usually allot free business grants to individuals who wish to explore their entrepreneur skills and establish a business. Although this process is said to be lengthy, with guidance and research one can really benefit from the grant. Budding women entrepreneurs are also encouraged to apply for free business grants. This way they are given plentiful opportunities to come up in the society and be independent.

Are You Eligible For This Money?

The Federal Reserve allots huge funds to state governments each year. These funds get redistributed to the funding agencies in the business sector. Then entrepreneurs who apply for these funds are awarded appropriate amount of free business grants. As flow of money is necessary to keep up the economy, the government awards these funds to those who legitimately need them. Although these are allotted free, the process of obtaining the free grant money is known to be tedious. Money cannot be given to anyone and everyone and whatever amount of funds is allotted needs to be accounted for.

Free business grants are given to various types of businesses such as start-ups, business consultation, infrastructure and equipment, inventions and patents, expansion of business, acquisition etc. It is said that each year, billions of dollars are given away by the federal government as grants. Therefore millions of individuals can share a piece of this big pie and take the route to being independent by making good use of this money!
If you or your company have been affected by any natural or man-made disasters or are suffering from economic difficulties, then you can apply for free business grants. Some other reasons that qualify you to apply for these grants include the location of your business in a small town and your inability to expand financially; you belong to a minority or an ethnic group; your exports are doing well or your company employs many physically-disabled people.

Non-Profits Qualify Too

Not only individuals but non-profit organizations are also eligible for free business grants as they offer their services to the society. Therefore the government gives them priority in awarding grants as they work in terms of public service and not to benefit from the investments.

How To Apply

The application process requires you to fill out a form and a business proposal convincing the funding agencies as to why you or your company is in need of the grant and how you will benefit from it. Documents such as financial statements, permits or character and reference certificates that need to be submitted with these forms differ from grant to grant.

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