Free Money for Literacy

$70,000 Granted To Schools In California

Government grants totalling $70,000 went to elementary, middle and high schools in California, New York and Nevada. Government grants, essentially free money, are in support of literacy-based projects in these schools, under the “Reading is the Way Up” program.

The grants range from $500 to $1,500 and go to specific applicants who are helping to promote literacy in their communities. The free money goes to support their literacy projects that are creative and engaging, and are deemed would have a tangible and positive effect on student achievement. The winning programs are projected to affect 10,000 students.

The Awards Include:

  • $57,500 in government grants to 48 California schools
  • $8,5000 in government grants to 12 Nevada schools
  • $4,000 in government grants to 4 New York schools

Projects Funded Include:

  • $1,500 to Robin Horn of Chinese Christian Schools in California, towards a project designed to improve student literacy by having them read from National Geographic Kids and Science News.
  • $500 to Jessica Wood at Community Health Academy of the Heights in New York, for her “Boys’ Book Club” project designed to engage reluctant readers.
  • $1,500 to Leslie Hill of Open Charter Magnet in California, for her project “Openopoly” designed to encourage reading by awarding stickers based on time.

Reading is The way up® is an award-winning literacy initiative through which schools have acquired more than 50,000 books and received 449 literacy grants.

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