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Can You Get Free Money From The Government?

The year 2009 has been marred by recession and has taken a toll on the pocketbooks of practically everyone. To counter this downturn, countries around the world have been granting free money from government treasuries to businesses, organizations and individuals. These grants are different from loans in the sense that the beneficiaries do not need to pay them back. These grants have been instrumental in bailing out ailing industries, helping develop non-profit organizations, improving education etc.

You Are ENTITLED To This Money

The United States Government is a leading provider of grants, with about 400 billion dollars as a part of the bailout package. Every taxpaying citizen of the United States is entitled to receive free money from the government, although it cannot be used as a form of personal financial assistance. These are one-time grants that can be given in a variety of different areas.
Grants from the government can be broadly be classified into:
1. Business grants
2. Education grants
3. Medical Grants
4. Personal Grants
5. Housing Grants

Businesses And Organizations Are Eligible Too!

Entities that are eligible for this free money from the government are City and township governments, educational institutions, public housing organizations and small businesses. To check if you are eligible to receive these Grants head to . If you are still unsure then you can watch this helpful video at

The Application Process

In order to get this free money from the government you will first have to get a Grant application from the funding agency near you, and send in a proposal for the grant you need. Send your proposal to the agency who will in turn forward it to the government. The government will review your proposal and if you meet all the criteria you automatically become eligible for the grant.

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