From Bargains To Big Bucks – How I Make Money Right From Home!

Selling Bargains On eBay

I never thought that my being thrifty would really amount to anything more than a few dollars saved and constant eye rolling from my family. In fact years ago my kids would have told you that I am the cheapest person they know and that my constant flea bargain shopping and my Saturday morning garage sale routine is downright embarrassing. But would you believe it that it is these skills that have paved way for a job I can do right at home?! Now I am making more money than ever before by selling these bargain items on eBay.

How The Idea Came About

The idea first came to me by way of my son in law, Brian. We were all sitting around the table one Saturday laughing about that day’s scoop and he casually mentioned that the item could probably make me double what I had paid for it on eBay. It was a vintage lamp that my house had no use for, but I couldn’t resist buying it based on the price. So I decided to give it a try. Brian set me up with an account on eBay and we posted the item for a day long auction. I got about $40 for the vintage lamp based on my detailed description of it, and had actually only paid $5 for it! That was only the beginning for me. Seeing the potential for moneymaking I then started to bargain hunt with even more vigour. My weekends would be spent purchasing items taking pictures of them and posting them on eBay.

How Much Was I Making?

It didn’t take long until I was making an easy couple hundred dollars extra each and every week. I wanted to quit my job, but knew I needed another way of finding cheap items, that wasn’t so time consuming. So I started talking with different wholesalers. I settled for a couple local ones and then a few international as well. I quit my job and I now spend my days buying in bulk and posting these items on eBay. This saves me time and money and has restored my weekend garage sales once again to a leisure activity. And best of all; now my family never calls my thriftiness ‘cheap’. They now call it savvy!!

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