Get Out Of Debt

If you are like most people, getting out of debt is one of the most important goals you have made this year. Here are some ideas on how to make extra money to put towards the bills, and add to your savings, too.

Sell Things

One of the fastest ways to make a quick dollar is so simple; sell your stuff. It’s only a bonus that in addition to earning money, you will also significantly reduce the clutter in your home! An increasingly popular way to sell items is on Facebook yard sale pages. Simply search your town and the words “yard sale,” and join the group. Snap a picture of your item and post it for the group members to see. These should all be local people, who may have mutual friends with you, thus, increasing their trustworthiness. Wait for a buyer and set up a meeting spot. Easy as pie!

Part Time Job

When it comes to ways on how to make extra money, there is always the option to obtain a second job. The hours could be nights, weekends or both. Grocery stores, retail establishments and restaurants are generally easy places to get hired. You will soon be amazed at how much your income has increased! Just make sure to put that entire extra paycheck towards your debt.

Perform Odd Jobs

Let your neighbors and friends know your desire to earn money doing any work they need done. These jobs could range from babysitting to yard work, house cleaning to dog walking. If these jobs are gained in your own neighborhood, you will not even use your gas driving to them!

Complete Surveys Online

Many websites offer gift cards in exchange for taking surveys. Usually, you complete surveys, each for points. Once a certain number of points has been reached, they can be used to “buy” gift cards. No, it is not cash. However, if you can buy gift cards to places you normally shop at, you can save that money you would have spent! For example, you normally buy diapers each week. If you are able to get gift cards to a store that sells diapers, you can now put your “diaper money” towards your debt!

Open a New Account

Occasionally a bank will pay you to open an account with them. Sometimes the “bonus” is only a few dollars, but others, it can be a couple of hundred dollars! Call around and see if any banks in your area are offering this promotion. A bank bonus is the definition of easy, free money!

In summary, getting out of debt is attainable. With the determination to do whatever it takes, you will be debt free before you know it!

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