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The Lure Of Free Stuff

The lure of free stuff has become abundant on the Internet; consequently, so have the scams, promising free stuff, but never actually sending it. Just as your parents told you, “nothing in life is free.” But wouldn’t be nice to get something cool, virtually for free? What if getting a freebie involved only 5 minutes of your time?

The Latest Trend

This has become the latest trend in “Freebie Giveaways.” Online marketers make offers on various websites, urging visitors to fill out a quick survey in exchange for a cool prize, most often of technological origins (new phones, TVs, and the like). This benefits the particular company because they can do market research and access a global online market, thereby improving their products on various levels. This is good for visitors who complete the survey because for a mere 5-10 minutes of their time, they can acquire compensation that would normally cost them upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Rewarding Experience

People have found this to be an extremely rewarding experience. On one hand, you get to participate in a survey that holds your opinion in very high regard. You can use your voice to influence the direction of a product or company; if you believe in eco-friendly technology, say so! On the other hand, you are rewarded with often-expensive gifts for your time. The most popular freebie giveaways are iPhones, large, flat-screen televisions, and laptop computers. Not too shabby!

The company offering the freebie in exchange for a 5-minute survey saves money by not having to conduct a focus group (which involves renting space, hiring coordinators, finding participants, and paying those participants); whereas, online, these companies literally have the world at their fingertips. The global economy is far more profitable than a regionally targeted one.

So, while you think it may be a scam that a company is offering your something as expensive and coveted as a large, flat-screen television, the money they are saving from not having to conduct a focus group allows for them to market online by giving away amazing freebies.

Give online surveys a chance, and expect to receive something cool!

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