Government Grant Recipients for 2009/10

Government Grant Recipients

In the 2009 fiscal year, government grant recipients included 38,459 people. The beginning of the 2010 fiscal year allowed for 2200 individuals, thus far, to receive federal government grant funding, in support of public projects, personal projects and other miscellaneous needs.

Individual government grants proudly provide support to American individuals who appropriately demonstrate need for government funding, in order to succeed and prosper in the American economy.

Below you will find an incomplete list of various government grant recipients, as well as the government departments providing the funding. Please note, these records are for fiscal year 2009. The government grants for fiscal 2010 are available on, although the funding has only just begun.

$41,500 to A. Bailey $119,350 to A. Peters
$60,000 to A. Ponette $60,000 to B. Sykes
$40,000 to Barbara B. Diebel $98,000 to Bethany Lyn Case
$15,000 to Bob Manley $20,000 to Bob Walker
$40,500 to C. Driever $80,000 to C. Tape
$300,000+ to Tracy Calderwood from the Department of Education towards her Charter School projects $8,000 to Carl G. Schmidt
$14,000 to Carlos Mendoza $17,789 to Caroline Funk
$8,000 to Chad and Trishai Reiman $16,100 to Chris Craighead
$25,000 to C.R. Evans $10,800 to Craig S. Mcgee
$3,000 to Crystal McMahon

Top 10 Recipients

Have a look below at the top recipients for government grants in 2009, and make sure to apply to the top ones that apply to you. You can find a complete list of government grants by visiting

Multiple recipients – American Samoa $22,813,079
Multiple recipients – Georgia $20,286,033
Multiple recipients – Kentucky $2,457,224
Multiple recipients – Illinois $1,434,707
Multiple recipients – Texas $1,144,858
Multiple recipients – Indiana $869,154
ROCKFORD $861,073
Multiple recipients – California $668,395
Multiple recipients – Missouri $610,626
Multiple recipients – Pennsylvania $531,364

Top 5 Programs

Disaster Housing Program $42,590,490
Very Low-Income Housing Repair Loans And Grants $10,747,854
Promotion Of The Arts_Grants To Organizations And Individuals $1,300,000
Homelessness Prevention And Rapid Re-Housing Program (Recovery Act Funded) $861,073
Geosciences $335,000

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