Government Health Grants

Healthcare Gets Revamping

Under the new healthcare Bill, 32 million Americans who currently can’t afford health insurance will be eligible for all sorts of government grants and subsidies to help make health insurance payments fit into their budget.

For the first time in U.S history, it will now be mandatory for all Americans to get health insurance. Low income workers who simply cannot afford to make health insurance payments will be eligible for grant subsidies and will also have access to group exchanges where individuals and groups can compare insurance plans and get reduced rates.

Federal subsidies will also be provided to help people with incomes up to 400 percent of the poverty level, roughly $40,000, to help them purchase coverage. Larger grants will be given to lower-income households.

And no longer will Americans be refused health insurance coverage for existing illnesses. The health bill makes it illegal to deny anyone health coverage and also makes it illegal to for Americans not to have coverage. It even goes so far as to make it mandatory that businesses with over 50 employees offer workers group health coverage which is usually cheaper than purchasing it on your own.

There will also be cash rebates for certain Medicare beneficiaries. Currently, there is a coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug plan. Right now, Medicare covers up to $2,830 in total drug costs for the year. Then between $2,831 and $4,550 the insured is left to pay 100% of their prescription costs. And after $4,550 the Medicare kicks in again. Thus, to help subsidize this coverage gap, in 2010 Medicare recipients in this “doughnut hole” will get a $250 rebate and in 2011 will also get a 50% discount on brand-name drugs. The new bill will work at closing the gap in drug coverage for Medicare beneficiaries by 2020.

The US government is spending upwards of $600 billion on these new reforms to ensure that all Americans have access to quality health care. As a US citizen, it is your responsibility to find health insurance as well as apply for government healthcare grants if you simply can’t afford it. There are many different health grants and subsidies that are available under this new bill, so make sure to do your research and apply for all the ones that you qualify for.

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