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Going Green Isn’t Cheap

With a growing population and a giant ecological footprint here in the US and across the globe, being environmentally friendly has increased in importance to government initiatives. Unfortunately, going green isn’t cheap and many American families and businesses can’t afford to make the necessary changes on their own. This is why the federal government is offering green grants and cash-back incentives for homes and businesses converting to renewable energy methods.

Renewable energy is power that can be recycled and does not rely entirely on fossil fuels, but rather on other energy methods such as wind mills, solar panels, etc. The green grant money comes out of the federal budget, but each individual state is responsible for administering it. The government is anxious to make these changes and as such is processing the grant applications very quickly and consumers are receiving their green grant money in record time. Below are some of the available green grants.

Green Grants For Home Owners

ENERGY Star appliances are the most energy efficient home appliances on the US market. If you are looking at replacing your furnace, air conditioner, dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer, you should definitely consider replacing it with an ENERGY Star appliance.

The exact amounts of your ENERGY Star green grant coverage will vary from 15% to 100% depending on the state in which you live. Most green grants, however, cover about 50%, helping to offset the costs of installing or investigating renewable energy systems. That means that individuals getting an initial assessment, or who are implementing changes in their current systems, can have at least some of their expenses subsidized by a green grant. Homeowners looking to convert their electric or hot water systems to solar powered ones are excellent candidates for these free green grants.

Green Grants for Business

There are all sorts of financial incentives for businesses, large and small, to hop on board the green train. Most businesses have an energy output equivalent to 50 houses or more and this is not going to be sustainable in the near future. There are large green grants to help businesses cover the costs of going green and drastically reducing their energy consumption.

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is just one such business grant program. Funded by the federal government, REAP gives grants to farms and small businesses to invest in green energy such as biomass (the conversion of organic waste or produce into energy), solar, wind, water and geothermal technologies.

Apply For Your Green Grant Today

Every day that goes by and you sit and do nothing means more damage to our planet. By reducing your own home or business’s energy consumption you can help slow the effects of global warming and keep the hole in the ozone layer from expanding. Do your part in reducing your energy consumption and your children, grandchildren and great children will thank you for it. Remember: reducing your energy consumption also translates into lowered energy bills and increased savings in the long term!

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