Grants For Business, Organizations, And Individuals

The U.S. government really does offer grants to businesses, organizations and individuals who qualify for them. The grants can go toward funding various projects and ventures, depending on who is underwriting the grant. A Pell grant, for example, is funded by the Department of Education. These grants are used to pay for school-related expenses. A farm grant, on the other hand, would be underwritten by the Department of Agriculture.

Are The Funds Really Free?

The funds are absolutely free, and they don’t have to be paid back. Occasionally, a portion of a government loan might be issued as a grant. That portion of the borrowed money is actually a gift that does not need to be repaid. These situations are mostly commonly associated with higher education.

Where Do The Funds Come From?

Different government grants are underwritten by different governmental agencies. Each agency has its own budget out of which it may offer grants. This means that taxpayers indirectly fund a great deal of grants that are available.

How Do People Claim Grants?

Grants must be applied for in the form other either a written proposal or an official application. Criteria and guidelines for qualifying and applying for a particular grant will usually be listed near the announcement of the grant opportunity. Grant applications are notorious for being tricky to fill out, and everything must be done correctly in order to have a grant successfully approved. For that reason, some people choose to take courses in grant writing or hire a grant writer to help with the application process. This is not required, though. There are detailed instructions for each part of the process on the government’s official grants website.

Before applying for a grant, it is important to make sure all the qualifications have been or can be met. If an application does not meet the criteria set forth by the issuer of the grant, the application will be automatically rejected. It is also important to complete each step outlined in the application for any particular grant. Funds often go quickly, and omissions or mistakes can hurt the chances of being approved before the money is no longer available.

The Website

There are services that will help in the search for grant money, and the website is a government website that aids in both finding and applying for federal grants. Grant applicants are encouraged to find grants and apply for them. The official government website,, was established in 2002 to make it easier for grant seekers to find out about chances to apply for discretionary funding. The site allows a grant seeker to browse through categories, agencies or eligibility requirements to narrow down options. Each opportunity to apply for a grant is listed with an opportunity number, which must be included in any application, the opportunity title, and the name of the agency that is funding the grant. Clicking on the opportunity number leads to a page that gives a synopsis of the grant, the full announcement that includes more details, and an application package. In the synopsis, the closing dates for applications are important to note, as is the award ceiling.

Getting a grant is not always easy. There is a great deal of research involved in finding out about the different opportunities that arise, in finding ones that one qualifies for, and then applying for those grants. When a grantee receives his or her money, however, all the hard work really has paid off. Make sure that the grant being applied for is one for which all the criteria has been met. Then, be certain the application or proposal has been created properly. Even seemingly minor details like formatting the document correctly are extremely important. According to its website, the U.S. government gives out more than $500 billion in grant money every year. Searching for grants and applying for them means a chance to get some of those funds.

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