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Where Does It Come From?

Do you have good track of all your financial assets? If so, you are one among the fortunate ones who are free from the trouble of lost money. In addition to dormant bank accounts there are several other reasons for money to get misplaced. A safety deposit box is a popular example in this regard. If a person fails to withdraw the contents of his/her safety deposit box then it would be automatically transferred to the government’s care and would be labeled as lost money. Unclaimed insurance policies are also a part of lost money. Rental security deposit schemes, and checks not cashed are the other examples of lost money. With the advanced internet tools it is now easy to find such unclaimed money. You should research your name and former residence locations to discover the money that should probably be owed to you.

How To Locate Your Lost Money

The states are bound by the laws that mandate them to retain the lost money in the form of beneficiary until a rightful owner claims for them. The treasury department of every state is responsible for the safe storage of these funds. Other agencies of the federal government such as the FIDC, HUD, and IRS maintain records of lost money and assist people in finding their share of unclaimed money. You must therefore visit a federal government website in order to locate your lost money. The design of the databases for lost money and the search procedures differ across states and are generally simple to handle. Another great way to look for lost money would be to carry out a search for free unclaimed money. All you need to do is enter your name in the database for unclaimed money and see if any dues are pending in your name. You would then be required to submit a claim application to the government agency that is currently in charge of your money. The money will be returned within a span of 2 to 8 weeks.

Agencies That Can Help In Your Search

Here is a list of sites that assist you in finding your lost money:
MissingMoney.com: you can search for your money in up to 40 states across the nation by your name, business name or even family name. It also facilitates the creation of profiles for family members and look for funds owed to them.
IRS.gov: this site is ideal to track the funds that did not reach your accounts. You would be required to furnish your SSN, the precise refund amount that was expected and filing status in this regard.
TreasuryDirect.gov: this website allows you to search for those missing treasury payments or savings bonds.
PBGC.gov: visit this site for finding unclaimed benefits on pension. PBGC holds over $13 million worth of unclaimed pension benefits of over 32,000 individuals.
As you can see finding lost money can be really easy if you are willing to spend some quality time on internet research. You can utilize this money for personal reasons and contribute to the development of the country as well. So get started with your search process today!

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