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Do you need free money to help pay your bills? Sick of avoiding collection calls and not having the money to buy the things you want and need? Low-income government grants are just for people like you. You can be awarded thousands of dollars to help pay the costs of housing, personal expenses, and childcare. But this money isn’t simply awarded to you; you must apply. Below are more details about the types of low-income government grants available and the application process to get them.

Housing Grants

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is dedicated to providing adequate low-income housing to Americans and landed residents in financial need. If you are paying more than 35% of your salary to cover your housing that is too much, and you will likely qualify for one of the various housing grants to help reduce your expenses. Grants include money to cover rent, mortgage payments, public housing, and shelter expenses.

Personal Grants

If you are making your rent and mortgage payments but don’t have enough left over to pay your bills and other daily living expenses such as food and transportation then this is the type of low-income grant that you need. The money awarded can help you pay down debts and regain control of your finances.
Even if you have a great job and a decent income, but have made some bad investments and have wound up in debt, you could qualify for these grants. The money is granted to help you pay off those unsecured debts so that you aren’t forced to sacrifice your standard of living.

Childcare Grants

Childcare services in America aren’t cheap, and if you are in a low-paying job, the amount of money you are left with after paying for childcare doesn’t really warrant going into work. The government wants to help single parents and low-income families to be able to get out there and work while still having safe responsible care for their children. If you can’t afford the monthly cost of daycare you can apply for a childcare grant which will cover child care in a licensed child care center; in a licensed family child care home; by a relative of the child in the relative’s home; or by an approved person in the child’s home.

How to Apply

The easiest way to find and apply for government low-income grants is by using a free grant kit. These handy kits have a current and complete list of available grants and easy to manoeuvre and find the ones that you are eligible for. The kit will even help you through the application process if you are unsure of what to do. Apply for your free kit today and you will be on your way to getting a free government grant in no time at all.

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