Start Your Own Business

Many multimillion dollar companies have started in garages, from Harley-Davidson to Apple Computers. Starting your own business is the American dream, giving you freedom to set your own hours and service customers personally. Take a look at 10 of the best methods to build a garage business as you make money from home free.

1 Family Support

Discuss the business with your family first. Because it will take over the garage, they need to lend their full support to your endeavour. You can’t have the laundry running in a corner while talking to a client.

2 Measure It Out

Each business is unique, requiring certain parts and products to be stored nearby. Make a sketch of your potential garage business layout to fit all essential items. Measure furniture and storage space to avoid a messy or disorganized appearance.

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3 Easy Location

To make money from home free, you need a home in a prime location. Nearby roads and freeways are perfect for customers to visit you often, offering potential sales. If you’re out on a far country road, customers are less inclined to drive in.

4 Permit Considerations

Every region has different laws concerning businesses in residences. Talk to your local small business agent to verify if you need a permit. Manufacturing goods often requires a permit, whereas a freelance writing business doesn’t mandate any permits for daily use.

5 Consider Deliveries

If you’re going to have constant deliveries, it’s wise to check with your neighbors about sound levels. Big trucks arriving at 6 AM are not considerate of sleeping neighbors, for example. By going over courteous delivery hours with neighbors, you forge good relations for future needs.

6 Physical Networking

You can’t make money from home free if no one knows you’re in business. Join local groups and community events to network with town or city officials. You want some word-of-mouth information to bring customers into your new venture.

7 Virtual Networking

The power of the Internet works for garage businesses too. Set up one or more social media accounts to connect with vendors and customers. Keep in constant contact with these people to generate leads and new business. You never know who you’ll meet.

8 Appear Like A Huge Corporation

Make your business sound like a huge corporation by having an answering service or even a family member answering the phones. You’ll receive the “transferred” call, making it appear like an established business. You want to prove yourself with each customer.

9 Separate Home And Work

It’s easy to get caught up in work when you’re at home. Learn to separate home and work, especially for family time. Lock the garage, if necessary, to keep yourself focused on children and spouses. You’ll feel refreshed in the morning to keep business flowing.

10 Know When Time Is Up

There is no set time to leave the garage for larger facilities. Consider your customer and product flow through the months to decide when the space is too small. Research a new location well before the space runs out. You’ll be ready to transition successfully with many customers supporting you.

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