Your Opinion Matters

Your opinion does matter! By taking the time to fill in online surveys you are helping companies to learn more about what their customers want, need, like and dislike about their products. Without this vital information, companies could waste billions of dollars on new products that consumers wouldn’t buy. Thus, to minimize risk and maximize money spent they use e-marketers to collect information for them through online surveys, amongst other mediums.

What Kind Of Surveys Are There?

Surveys can be for new innovative products that businesses are designing. For example, if a company is designing a new cell phone, they will want to know what shape, colours, and features are pleasing to cell phone users, along with which ones they could do without. They can also be for consumer satisfaction. For example, a survey may only be open to individuals who own flat screen blue-ray TVs. This survey may ask questions such as whether it was worth it to pay more for a flat screen blue-ray TV; if there are any inconveniences in having a blue ray TV; if you hang your flat screen or put it on a stand; how you would rate screen quality from the peripheral, etc. All of these questions will give companies direction in where to go in upcoming models. And sometimes the surveys have nothing to do with the actual product, but more to do with the people who are using it. These surveys are for identifying a company or product’s target demographic. Who uses it most? How old are they? Are they mostly males or females? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? A commercial being targeted at seniors will be constructed much differently than one for teenage boys. Thus, companies hire e-marketers to conduct these online surveys and bring the company fast and reliable information that they can use when creating, modifying and advertising their products in order to generate maximum profits.

How Does It Work?

Nowadays, companies have no problem spending a few thousand dollars to compensate individuals who partake in online surveys. The money they spend in the free prizes they give out pales in comparison with the money they would have spent in traditional marketing methods. So go ahead and complete an online survey and get your free prize.

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