Making Money Through Blogging The Right Way

You’re a creative individual. You might even have some experience writing. Friends and family members may enjoy reading material you compose. That’s wonderful, but it isn’t enough to help you make money blogging. Several key factors and a lot of work goes into making money through blogging. When you take the time to do it right, you can avoid wasting time and energy doing it wrong.

Choosing Your Topic

Memorable topics and unique spins matter. A number of factors will play into whether or not your content will be memorable enough to help you earn money. First, choose a topic about which you are passionate. It doesn’t matter if your friends and family start to roll their eyes whenever you wax poetic on the topic. There is going to be someone in the world interested in the topics that interest you, and your passion on the topic will attract readers. Less common topics will result in less competition.

Creating Your Content

Once you’ve chosen your topic, prepare to create your content. Familiarize yourself with grammar rules. You need to know them like the back of your hand, even if you someday become accomplished enough to break them intentionally. You will never effectively write against the rules if you don’t know how to write well by following them. George Orwell’s five rules for effective writing are pivotal to effective blogging. Only apply rule six once you have mastered the other five.

Painting the Picture

People browsing on the internet have one thing in common with those browsing in bookstores. An attractive cover will entice them to stop and read. Never underestimate the power of a pretty page. Add photographs and illustrations when possible. If you don’t have your own collection of photos and artwork, take the time to find some that fit your topic. Creative Commons contain a wide range of photos and other works free of charge. Be certain to always include required tag lines crediting the photographer or artist.

Building Your Audience

Like most bloggers, you’ll probably start by soliciting friends and family members to read, share and comment on your blog. Friends and family, however, won’t support you as a blogger. You need to generate outside traffic. Becoming involved in the blogging community will help you get traffic from other bloggers. When other bloggers follow you, you may receive referrals and clicks from their followers as well. Regardless of the quality of your content, it takes time to build an audience online. If, however, you maintain quality content that is attractive, well written and free from errors, followers will come. More followers means more clicks. More clicks means more money in your pocket.

Hopefully, this quick guide will get you started making money blogging. For more information, be sure to read the user guide provided by your blog host, and take the time to learn from successful bloggers as well.

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