My At Home Pastry Business Makes Me Over $1,000 A Week in profits!

Who Am I?

My name is Rebecca Wilson and like all other moms out there, all I want is to work from home so that I can have more time with my children. For twelve years I worked as a pastry chef for a large restaurant putting in long hours and dealing with inflexible scheduling and late nights. After the birth of my second son, Noah, I finally decided enough was enough and I would no longer sit by and miss out in raising my children. It was time for a change. So, I handed in my resignation and opened my own home based business pastry services called ‘The Pastry Princess’. The best thing I could have done.

Were There Any Risks?

Of course when you start your own work at home business there are risks. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have a steady income, or that my business might not take off like I had anticipated. Well, these worries turned out to be needless. I had a few contacts in my town that ordered cakes from me for birthdays and first communions, and then just by word of mouth my business took off. I was making a half a dozen cakes a week and various batches of pastries that clients would come pick up from my home.

How Was Business?

My business was very steady and had me earning an excellent $700 a week for only about 20 hours of work. But I knew that I was not exploiting The Pastry Princess’ full potential. Thus I decided to open up a web page where people all across the county could place an order with the click of their mouse. I was getting so many orders that I bought a van and hired a delivery boy.

I now, also have several advertising banners on my company website. I was approached by a local company who specialize in party supplies that wanted to advertize on my site. Since it is not competition for me I said sure, and they now pay me $200 a month just to have the banner and a link to their site on my page. This is very easy money for me and am even thinking about putting in an additional advertiser to further supplement my income.

Am I Happy?

I have never been happier! I do what I love and best of all is that I am at home. My eldest son, Jason who is 4, loves to help me in the kitchen, I give him tasks such as mixing batters and sampling finished products! It is a great bonding experience for us and never feels like work. I look forward to when Noah is old enough to have some baking fun too! I honestly can’t imagine my life any other way!

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