Now Hiring: Online Researchers

The NPD Group is Now Hiring Online Researchers

What Does The NPD Group Do?

The NPD Group is a consumer research company that pays people to conduct product reviews online. With over 40 years of experience, The NPD group has become one of the largest market research companies in the world. Once a member you can access over 30,000 survey topics with over 1000 brand partners of your choice. Top corporations save millions by doing consumer research online. These savings allows them to better compensate online research programs such as The NPD Group and its members.

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How Much Can I Earn With The NPD Group?

You will be paid for every survey you complete. Registered members can earn $5-$20 for every survey which usually takes about 10 minutes to complete. An average NPD member earns up to $1500 a month but some active full time members are reportedly earning double. What is good about this program is that you have the freedom to choose your own survey at your own pace.

What Do I Need?

You will need the following:

  1. An internet connection (preferably cable)
  2. At least 1-3 hours a day.
  3. Although no experience is required, basic English writing and composition is a must
  4. A Quiet and private work space ideal for a home office very much preferred

Who Can Apply?

The NPD Group prides itself for being an equal employer. Anyone above 16 years of age can apply and be a part of the group. Over the years this program has been very successful for the following:

  1. Stay-at-home moms
  2. Students
  3. Newly Landed Immigrants
  4. Unemployed individuals
  5. Working professionals with an extra time to spare

Where Can I Apply?

Your opinion matters! Join the NPD Group now and help influence the improvement of products and services that we use every day. Register Now! to reserve your spot.


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