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A great website is fundamental to beginning a new business. Domain names can be registered with many companies. This article will look at four of the best domain registrars that are available to choose from, when starting an online business or creating an affiliate marketing website. These are among many options from which you can register a domain.


Necessary services for domain registration and web hosting can be obtained through at some of the lowest prices available, especially regarding .com domains. A .com domain name can be obtained for only $9.99 per year. All prices with are reasonable. Domain registration, email accounts, and a customized website builder are among the best features with International domains and web marketing tools are also available, as are secure SSL certificates.


DreamHost is a registrar based in Brea, California with recorded success since 1997. They offer shared web hosting and domain registration, as well as VPS, dedicated services, and cloud storage, all at low costs. Customers tend to appreciate the personable approach that DreamHost has in its marketing, helping people to meet their business’s individual technological needs. The material on their website is clear and the process of obtaining a domain name is simple with approachable help when necessary.

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According to Consumer Search, is the highest rated among all major domain registrars for its ease in the domain registration process and its relative lack of up-selling when working with customer service and sales agents. Customer service with is generally well received, though limited; agents are available ten hours per day via phone, twelve hours via email, and the company offers no chat support.


Network Solutions is known for its outstanding domain management features. They are believed to offer the most flexibility on the market, providing an approach that allows customers to obtain exactly what their businesses or web sites need. Network Solutions is a more expensive registrar than others on the market; domain names are more expensive as other services are provided. It costs $34.99 to register a domain for a year without any other services, however the eclectic nature of their services make them a great fit when other domain registrars are limited.

DreamHost,, Network Solutions, and are four of the best domain name registrars available, each with their own specific expertise and benefits. When beginning a web site, these companies can serve as excellent resources to help find the best options available for your specific goals.

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