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You CAN Start Your Own Business

In this economic climate, many people are looking for alternative ways to make money. Unemployment rates remains at around 10% and job creation isn’t keeping pace. The influx of unemployed applicants looking for work is saturating the market. Applicants inundate hiring managers with resumes. This automatically raises the bar for hiring to a level that is virtually unattainable by employees with less then 10 years of experience. People continue to search for work, sending resume after resume out to hiring managers without receiving responses. They network on social media and in person, tweak their resume and cover letter, send more out, and then restart the process every day. The cycle goes on and on. There is another way.

Whether in addition to full time or part time employment or as a sole source of income, the trend toward entrepreneurship is growing by leaps and bounds. While there are many things to look out for when considering starting your own business, there are a considerable amount of legitimate opportunities available in this day and age. Here are some of the options that are currently in the marketplace:


Consulting was always something you thought about doing when you had time. Well, now’s the time! If you have a comprehensive knowledge of your field and your skills are in demand, you could have a viable career as a consultant. Many traditional full time positions are being filled by consultants, such as Project management, graphic design, systems engineering, web development. They garner a legitimate wage based on an agreed upon contract with the employer and can often perform their duties from home. If you have a significant amount of experience in a field and have acted as a guru in the past, consulting could be your next full-time job, only this time, you’d be working for yourself. Your personal network is the best place to start looking for work.


There’s something to be said for working with your hands and being out in the fresh air. There’s no better way to do that and still maintain your entrepreneurial status than to start a landscaping business. This business is very viable for those who want to be a one-person show. Cutting grass, designing a landscape, and planting area appropriate flowers can be priced based upon the local material rate and your own labor cost. Getting the first customer is possibly the most difficult part, but using your own lawn as a springboard for marketing materials and word of mouth is a good way to start.

Freelance Writing

If you enjoying writing and can do so in a timely fashion, freelance writing might be right up your alley. There are a variety of ways to get involved in this field, including writing for newspapers and magazines, blogging, and working as a writer for content providers. You make your own hours and, yes, you get to work in your pajamas 99% of the time, but bear in mind that there is a lot of work required to make this a viable full-time option. But it can be done. Write well and often with the mindset of eventually getting your own clients as opposed to dealing with a “middle man” that metes out a sum per word or article, and you can make a freelance writing and editing career a reality.


There are some entrepreneurial opportunities for people who have specific skills. Consider translation. If you are fluent in another language, this is a very viable career path. Photography also offers a wide range of opportunities, much like being a musician does. App creators can also find opportunities to suit their specialized niche.

It takes hard work to get a business off the ground, but as the old adage says, nothing good comes easy. Refocus the effort you put into looking for a job into marketing your own business and you will see tangible results. There are many opportunities available these days. Hit the ground running with one of these opportunities and start your own business.

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