Real Work At Home Opportunities

Would You Like To Work From Home?

Who wouldn’t want to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis and earn thousands of extra dollars in income? Unfortunately for thousands of Americans, work-at-home scams are more easy to come by than finding legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

With that in mind, we set out to find legitimate opportunities for Americans to work from home.

Google AdSense – Free!

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Reliable, Credible, Pays Well

We found that the most legitimate and profitable way to make money is by involving Google in your business endeavours.

How To Get Started

Buying a domain name (a website) runs as inexpensively as $10 a year. Buy a domain name that has relevance to the market you would like to target.

For example, if you want to start an entertainment website, your domain name would ideally include words related to entertainment. You should also purchase a domain name relevant to something you are interested in – you’re responsible for maintaining your website’s content, so you should make it enjoyable!

Once you’ve purchased your domain, you can visit to register your domain and sign up for free. Complete the short tour to familiarize yourself with the process.

How AdSense Works

AdSense is an application run by Google that serves ads to millions of domains. It allows users to enable text and image advertisements on their websites. You can tailor specific ads to match your website’s content based on keywords (see below). The advertisements generate revenue to your site on a per-click basis (PPC), and advertisers make money on a cost-per-impression basis (often referred to as CPI).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is your ticket to earning thousands of dollars. This Internet model pays out when a visitor clicks on a Google advertisement on your page. Your mission is to provide content that will persuade website visitors to click on the advertisements on your page. However, once your register with Google AdSense, advertisements can sit on your page without there being any content there. The domain name acts as a lure for traffic, and you will find yourself earning a few dollars every day even without content on the site.

However, deter from no-content websites and laziness because the more traffic your website has the more money advertisers will pay to have their advertisements on your page.

How Advertising Will Make You Rich

Advertisers on Google bid on very specific keywords to have their advertisements placed on relevant pages. Keyword prices vary, the bidding is in real time, and your goal should be to get high-paying advertisements on your website. This involves careful maintenance of your website and good quality content. The highest paying ads will always show on your website. The more people click on the higher paying ads, the faster you will make thousands.
Google provides you with specific reports on your traffic and earnings of your website, as well as reliable and safe ways of payment options.

Sit Back And Get Paid!

Google will provide you with easy payment options. If you can commit a couple of hours a night to updating content and improving the quality of your content, visitors will note you as a credible source and visit your site often. More importantly, you will get high-paying advertisements on your site and be able to watch the dollars roll in.

We hope you are able to join thousands of Americans in working from home, and that you now know what to do to increase your earnings!

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