Whether you’re unemployed or just don’t earn as much as you’d like, there are plenty of ways to make money beyond working a traditional job. Like many people in your situation, though, you’ve probably struggled to find legitimate ways to make and save money. Your search is finally over. This is your one-stop resource for learning everything you need to know about making money online, work from home opportunities, getting free money and more. You’ll also find simple everyday finance tips that will help you save as much as possible. Consider this the first stop on your way to real financial freedom!

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Misguided Money Reader Tip

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Sometimes, money can be found in places of the unknown. Any spare change found could and can be put back for a rainy day. Once, I was taken every time I spent something and got, One dollar back. Depending on how much I got back, … Read More

Saving Reader Tip

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Saving money may be difficult for people. Save money and it will take you a long way. To try and save research online the best ways to do it. … Read More

Pinching Pennies Reader Tip

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Pinching Pennies - Is the idea that comes when you are tired of being broke. It requires 1. Stop Spending Money on things that don't serve your immediate NEED. 2. Stop showing off, Live Within your meanings. 3. Keep ALL … Read More

Bananas Reader Tip

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If you want to preserve your bananas just wrap plastic wrap on the top where they are bunched up. … Read More

Saving Money Reader Tip

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First you must know how to take care of money. Then you must put it in your saving account when you're done just keep adding money … Read More

Save Money by Cooking at Home Reader Tip

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Cooking at home really leaves money in your pocket for a variety of other entertainment and events with your loved ones, such as movies nights, theme parks and more. When I cook at home I save 60% of the money that I would … Read More

Budget and Save Reader Tip

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Get on your computer and study and get motivated to make money. Don't give up. Look to help yourself. Where there's a will there's a way. Keep focused and find a tool to help you get that money. I have to look. … Read More

How to Save Money Reader Tip

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What you should do is go buy a piggy bank, and the money you get, you put in it. Don't waste it even if it's a hot new dress or clothing you like. Save up until you really need it, like to pay your bills, or wait until … Read More

Lock Up and Save Reader Tip

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Lock up your money into a locked cabinet door and you won't spend it! … Read More

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