The Hidden Truth Behind Free Stuff

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“Free Stuff”

Why are more and more companies offering you free products? Are these products absolutely free? What is the catch? Is there a catch? Most of us will naturally be skeptical of the word “free” when it precedes any other word and ultimately walk the other way. It’s about time the hidden truths behind the recent surge of online free stuff and freebies is exposed.

A Win-Win Situation

An increasing amount of well known corporations have been extremely generous with freebies lately, asking only for one thing in return; your opinion. Your opinion means money to these corporations. Market research for many large companies is a very extensive and costly process. Corporations save on market research costs by offering you free stuff that they have in excess in the exchange of your feedback. This creates a win-win situation for companies and the recipients of free stuff.

What is Your Opinion Worth?

A company can only function successfully if there is a ripe demand for the company’s products. Corporations relentlessly strive to find new ways to improve and better their products. So, who knows more about their products than the people who use them? Your opinion is priceless. More and more corporations are realizing this, which explains the new surge of freebies all over the internet.

Online Freebies are Real

The Internet offers a great new medium for resourceful companies to obtain market research data. Data similar to this was traditionally gathered by telephone and mail surveys. By eliminating old-fashioned and costly research tactics, companies are able to offer you better freebies in exchange for your opinion. Better and more lucrative freebies mean better incentives for participants to take the market research seriously. The freebies are real, there is no catch. The more market research a company attains, the better the company can function to improve their products.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

With improved incentives being offered daily, companies need your feedback fast, but as soon as they have acquired enough of it, the freebies will disappear just as quickly. If you can spare just a few minutes, take advantage of companies with worthwhile incentives.

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