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Good Morning to all who are reading this,
My name is Jeffrey P. Struck, I have been a stay at home disabled husband/father/Paralegal/AdSense Blogger since 2009, that's quite a mouthful but that's me.
I have been a blogger even before 2009 until I hit an constant onslaught of health trials, one after another and am slowly working my way back into the field of AdSense Blogging so as to help others learn and grow into a successful experienced AdSense blogger where I made some money.
The 3 main keys to remember are;
You need to open up a free account with, then use the links relating to their AdSense & Adwords programs and after setting up the account, do as I do and still do since Google has a tendency to change their AdSense-Adwords Programs rules and guideline often such as how ones AdSense Page must be set up.
Adwords are just 1 key to the search engine robot ranking your webpage higher besides being potential money-makers when used right.
Use Google's Blog-page and create an AdSense Ads infested blog-page while theming the blog on either AdSense or another niche that you are interested in writing about.
Make sure that the niche your interested in isn't way down on the Trending Slide and play around on Google or Bing searches by doing some simple searches to get an idea on how well your niche or blog topic would do and also watch what types of AdSense Ads Google will put onto your blog-page n accordance with the niche/topic chosen.
Make sure that you followed every step when setting up your free Google AdSense Account too.
Google has a treasure of tips, articles, and step by step blog topics to read up on and they are super informative too.
I always encourage anyone interested in AdSense and, or Adwords to go to and dive into reading some of their articles and see what is trending in Adwords then and consider a blog themed around what is trending too.
I myself have made over $100 in AdSense just by opening up an AdSense account, writing a blog on and making sure that my blog and Google adsense account were connected which is easy since on ones Google AdSense page, the title of ones blog or blogs needs to be entered in and the [URL] -ones blog webpage link] should also be on hand in case prompted for it.
Take a close look at my own blog-pages, click on some of the carefully placed AdSense ads on each one and you will have an idea on how easy making some money with Google adsense can be for you. Use the following URL to go to one of my AdSense Ads blog-pages, you can also connect to other blog-pages of mine from there as well.
Did you notice how many times I used the words blog-page, blog-pages?
Also remember, Content is a crucial element to success in blogging and making some money.
Blogging on what people are web-searching a lot for is an excellent way to get traffic to head your way too.
Posting your blog on the vast array of free traffic sites is highly recommended, I do it and it works.
I will post some places to go to for web based traffic in another post though you could start advertising your new blog page with family and friends on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, as well as other social websites.
Get your webpage URL[Link] out there for people to see and head over too. Its easy to do.
You won't become a Mr. or Mrs. Richie Rich but you do stand a reasonable chance of earning some good enough money in the Google AdSense or Adwords Programs.
Just don't quit after a couple of weeks, [it will take at least 30+ days] for your webpage to get indexed by the Internets many robots, they log all internet URL's and those that suck in the most traffic are higher up on the webpage rankings and that takes work to do.
You just get your blog-page[s] up and running and advertised and every week, send out reminders or post one on yours and other Social webpages,
The important thing after you set up your Google AdSense account and blog-page meaning picking our the title and writing up the blog content and posting it online is traffic, web-traffic that is.
Happy Adsense-sing.
Jeffrey Struck
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