How Saving Money Can Be used as a Disguise

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One way you could save money is by opening a savings account. By Opening a Savings Account it could be a Reminder not to Spend but to SAVE. The Trick Is to Think of your savings as something important for example "FamilyVacationMoney" , "NewCarFunds" , "FirstHomeMoney" , "Son/Daughter-GrandkidsCollageFunds" , etc .Just a Reminder of Something Most important to You that wont make you Look into that account. It is not easy to start saving, believe me, i have trouble saving money. But i learned that saving money could Also be a used as a disguise just by renaming the Savings Account to something more important . That way You wont ever think about touching or thinking about it. *It works perfectly for me , i hope it will Also help for you . It is That Simple! Saving Money Just got alot less stressful .
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