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Being aware of spending is keeping your budget on track in autopilot as well as keeping it in conscious thought. Every purchase is big. The ones that are treated like burning money in your memory aren't. Try keeping your receipts in a box, a zipper money bag, or a plastic bag. Write on the storage box, "Fun Receipts." Go through them, and discard them every year. But don't lose focus. The point of this is to be more consciously aware of your spending so that you remember the importance of keeping track of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly budget. Looking through your receipts will let you know how serious you are about saving money. Way to go money saver. Your one strep closer to reaching your money saving goals. Just keep them in check, and reemphasize your money saving goals by keeping track of every purchase. If there are any holes in your pocket, losing money, than you'll be able to identify where its going. In that case, just readjust spending habits that take you further to where your trying to go by saving money. It should help you discern the right direction to money saving, but it first is determined how your spending money. So remember to keep your receipts to be aware of your spending. Money in the bank will soon be bigger than you ever dreamed possible. The big screen television is almost in the master bedroom. Smart move.
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