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Money has always been hard to save especially when you're a shoppacholic like I am. But I later saw as growing up into a young adult finally, that there are more important things in life to spend money on more along the lines of needs like, food, medicine, water, household items/things, paying bills on time and etc. Not stuff like WANTS like; entertainment, drinks, junk food, teen-aged waste items like, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and the list goes on. THERE ARE MORE ; important facts and things in life than those luxury things YES nice to have but leaves you dead BROKE by the next day. I lived after regret after regret NEVER regret or you'll regret it when it really does matter the most. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SO WILL I... got a lot of wake up calls of how foolish I was being with my money, I have to save to better myself and man is it WORTH it to save. I understand it might be hard but its the best thing for you and your family to do the most and save what's yours than you won't find yourself broke no more it goes away perfectly. Money shouldn't cause a person stress it should help them through life. Save your money teens, adults, moms, aunts, dads, uncles everybody save your moneyyyyy even if your RICH save your MONEY it's not a toy.
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