Unclaimed Funds

There’s Billions Of Dollars In Unclaimed Funds

Recent government surveys indicate the existence of billions of dollars of unclaimed funds in the United States treasury. These unclaimed funds are increasing rapidly across the US with equal contribution from every state.

Where Do They Come From?

The funds come into existence when the true owners of shares, bank accounts, or other properties disappear due to marriage, change of job or death. If the money’s legal recipients do not claim their property within certain duration of time, the institutions that currently hold these assets would transfer them as a working capital to the respective states. These assets are then transferred to the treasury and labelled as unclaimed funds.

Class Action Lawsuits Mean Big Money Maker

Class action lawsuits found in several industries, services and products are the major contributors for unclaimed funds. Class actions can be categorized into several categories including:
1. security fraud
2. consumer protection
3. public health
4. antitrust or price fixing
5. human rights
6. environment
7. product liability

Current and the former clients and stockholders of over 2,000 organizations are eligible to receive payments under unclaimed class action settlements. The class action settlements have crossed $11 billion and most of those entitled for a payment fail in filing a claim. Irrespective of the product usage and sale of stocks, class members are eligible for cash, credits, distributions or shares in companies like AOL, Ford, AT&T, GM, Coca Cola, NASDAQ, Merrill Lynch, Wal-Mart, Schwab and several others.

How To Start Your Own Business Of Unclaimed Funds

You will be surprised to hear that the business of unclaimed funds is flourishing in present times. Anyone can begin with this business and work solely for themselves. This job is suitable for anyone who wishes to work at home on a part-time basis. It can later be adopted as a full time venture once the business gains some momentum. Your income from this business can be astronomical. You would be getting a share in every successful claim and hence it is necessary for you to build a strong customer base. The business of unclaimed funds can be started with minimal investments. Since the business would be operated from home, you are free from the worries of employee wages or office rental problems. You are in control of the working pace and also get to reap the entire earnings of your business.

Finding Unclaimed Funds

How can you find your unclaimed funds? You can visit several websites such as cashunclaimed.com in this regard. They assist you in recovering the lost money through the database search services. Generally, $700 is paid to individuals who claim for unclaimed funds. However, it can range up to $20,000 as well!! The main problem with these unclaimed funds is the size. There are over $35 billion that are being watched over by the government. This is certainly wastage of resources since they could be better utilized for other developmental activities. Hence it is time to claim your lost money and thereby contribute to the development of the nation.

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