Free Unclaimed Money

What Is Unclaimed Money?

Did you know that there are billions of dollars of unclaimed money being held by the US government? And because of so much money, the government is frequently allotting grants to individuals for homes, business, education etc.

Free Unclaimed Money

Have you ever thought if you are eligible to own some part of this money? With so much unclaimed money just lying around and piling up for years, this can be put to good use by giving it to those who really deserve it.

Read on and find out how to find free unclaimed money.

Where Does it Come From?

Unclaimed money is the term used to refer to the accounts in various financial institutions that have no known activity over a long period of time. Such unclaimed money can be in the form of savings, stocks, pay checks, unredeemed gifts, insurance payment, tax refunds, overpayments, refundable deposits etc. Since there are not enough government employees to go to each individual to find out if they have any unclaimed money with the government, many lose out on it.

How to Find Your Money

A system has been implemented through which one can find out if they can rightfully claim any money. There are a few legitimate websites online where one can find out whether or not they are eligible for any funds. The process of finding out on the website is absolutely free but be aware of finders to whom you have to pay a fee. Since this can be done free of cost, you should not have to pay a fee no matter how nominal it is.

In addition to monetary funds, there are assets that remain unclaimed for years. The laws surrounding unclaimed money has been around since the 1940s and these laws do everything possible to protect these assets. These laws have been the oldest consumer protection programs. These claims can be made by an heir or heiress if not by the original owner.

If the money or asset has been lying around for a long time, laws enacted by the US government protect them. The laws instruct the officials concerned to help the rightful owners get their money. The proper procedure is to fill in a form with an identity, sometimes address, verification. If the lost funds are not claimed for a long period of time, the government sometimes organizes auctions and sells the stocks, bonds and other assets. The funds collected from this auction are turned over to the rightful owner.
An organization based in the United States known as the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators or the NAUPA manages and protects unclaimed money and assets. Once can begin their search for any lost money on the NAUPA site. However, the database on which one can look up their unclaimed money need to access sites specific to their states.

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