Unclaimed Property

What Is An Unclaimed Property?

An unclaimed property is one that is dormant or inactive for several years, whose owner cannot be found or is unknown. You will be astonished to find that the worth of the unclaimed property and public money is now over $300 billion and is growing at a rapid rate. A survey indicates that most families owe cash that remains unclaimed every year. Tax refunds, royalty payments, insurance proceeds, stock dividends come under the category of unclaimed property.

What Happens To Unclaimed Property?

Such properties will be considered as unclaimed or abandoned for a certain period after which it would be transferred to the government or the state’s care until claimed by a rightful owner. Every state has distinct laws concerning the recovery of an unclaimed property. A property due can entitle you to file a claim on the recovery of the property. Thus it is advised that you visit several websites that offer excellent search abilities for these unclaimed properties.

What Are The Requirements To Claim An Unclaimed Property?

There are a lot of circumstances that allow a person to claim his/her share of the property. Laid off, retired or reassigned are a few of the top situations in this regard. Forgetting to update the mailing address is another common reason for people failing to receive the unclaimed property. You will need to give certain details to the state government in order to claim your property. This will likely include our complete name, which includes your middle name, initials (if any), maiden name or your business name. SSN, contact number and the past and current residential address should be provided in the next step. You must spend some time in learning the criteria necessary for claiming an unclaimed property. After familiarizing yourself with these criteria, you can then move on to acquire the property by using the resources provided by the state government.

How Does A State DiscoverThe Rightful Owner Of An Unclaimed Property?

Well, you might have noticed numerous listings on the owners of unclaimed properties in the newspaper. Apart from this, the government arranges for huge displays at malls, state fairs, or other such public events. It also works closely with the public officials or the local librarians in setting up searchable databases that enable people to carry out searches for their lost property. So how do you search for your property? Well, you can begin with a database search in this regard. You can avail the services of business firms or locators who are responsible for locating your lost property for a certain fee. You would want to contact the office for unclaimed property in your state before signing a contract with these firms. The business of unclaimed property locator is very popular today. By reuniting people with their lost property, the locators earn good income from the comforts of their homes. There are several rules that govern the amount that can be charged by the locators. Hence, it is advised that you research the laws that govern your state before you decide to enter this business sector.

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