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Why Do University Scholarships Exist?

The university scholarships exist to offer financial assistance to every competent individual regardless of the credit, merit or income status. One can also find numerous free university scholarship programs online that award nearly $10,000 as the scholarship amount and the best part is it does not mandate repayment! While these programs cannot cover the entire college cost, they can surely assist in paying for books, or offer financial aid for a student housing. One can apply for these university scholarships even if he/she is yet to select a university or college to attend. They facilitate the advance planning of your financial aid and thereby ensure that you do not face any trouble after selecting the desired university. Regardless of whether you are a fresh candidate out of school or working mother these programs cater the needs of every individual who is seeking quality education.

These university scholarships are awarded on several criteria. Merit would be the first one in this regard. The universities are generally in search of meritorious students with exceptional test scores. But bear in mind that receiving an “A” or perfect 2400 is not sufficient. You need to be well-rounded with clear ambitions and goals. Few universities offer scholarships for students who excel in a particular field and wish to pursue a major in their field of interest. Your dedication to sports can fetch you a scholarship as well. There are university scholarships for athletes too. Hence, you may need to consult your coach on dispatching reels to the universities or you can also choose to have the scouts watch you play. One can also avail the need based university scholarships that are awarded to students who have inadequate financial aid to attend college.

How to Apply for University Scholarships

While it is easy to apply for these university scholarships online, one must be careful while furnishing information to these scholarship programs. There are a few free scholarship sites that make money by selling the applicant’s name or other personal information. This would mean that you are compromising on your privacy by deciding to furnish information on these sites. A legit scholarship website would only want you to fill a profile or a questionnaire. The scammed ones on the other hand, would request information that is unrelated to a scholarship program. Here is a possible list of such questions:

Are you seeking a credit card for college?
Does renting movies give you pleasure?
Is your dorm room furnished?
Looking for off-campus housing?
Do you resort to online shopping often?

These questions are intended to flood your mailbox with ads on different products. But it does not stop here. The possibilities of selling your personal details like email or residential address, or contact number to other business enterprises without your permission is very high. It is therefore essential that you read the privacy policy of the website carefully. However, if you cannot find a privacy policy then you must exercise caution in furnishing your personal details on these sites. Hence it is recommended that you do good research for the university scholarships in order to avoid such scams and reap the maximum benefits.

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