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There are over 49,000 types of available government grants as of March 23, 2010. Many of these grants are distributed annually; however, thousands go unclaimed. Nevertheless, since new bills were passed on March 21, this number will increase to include more education grants and to make room for the projected $61 billion dollars the US government expects to save over the coming decade.

The only problem is that with a sudden influx of state and federal grants, American citizen will no doubt be scrambling to apply for any and every government grant they can get their hands on. Many false websites have already begun to spring up, promising American citizens thousands of dollars in free government grant money, but without any evidence or information to back up these claims.

We’ve decided to review the 2 most popular and credible government grant website, in order to show grant applicants the things to look for, the research to do, and the things of which you should beware.


We recommend this site for a variety of reasons.

Users can order a grant kit right from the website, which will help them to see for which grants they can apply, how to do so, and how to assess their personal criteria to ensure they are qualified to apply for the grant they need.

Probably the best part of is it is a database of government grant information. What impressed us the most was the wealth of information available on the site, for US applicants to familiarize their selves with and grasp requirements of government grants. A sidebar with various types of grants provides visitors with much of the information they need to assess properly what kind of grant is right for them.

Readily available on every page is a link to direct visitors to the grant kit order-form. For a small shipping and handling fee, visitors of can order a grant kit that will guide them through the government grant application process.

Compared to other, newer government grant sites, we rate a 5/5.


This particular Government Grants sites is one of the slickest we’ve seen.

The design is simple, but under each header is a plethora of relevant articles. Visitors can learn the ins and outs of government grants, available funding, the application process, and more.

The research is credible, the facts accurate and the statistics encouraging. adds an elegance to applying for government grants, taking it from a taboo subject to a national entitlement.

With anywhere from 8 to 25 articles per category, visitors can decide exactly what they need and this site will show them how to get it.

Appearing on every page are banners that will direct visitors to an easy online form to order a government grant kit, to help complete the process of application.

We rate this site 5/5.

Make sure to visit these sites and to do heavy research before deciding for which government grant you want to apply. Do not trust every website promising you free money in the form of government grants, or you are likely to be duped.

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