Saving Money, But Still Going On Vacation

Everyone enjoys the opportunity to go on vacation. Vacations, however, can be difficult to afford if you are experienced in saving money. To help you save and enjoy your next vacation, try these tips on saving money:

Collect Your Loose Change

Rather than scraping together your change to buy a Coke at the end of the day, set that money aside. When you empty your pockets in the evening, put any loose change in a change jar. Over time, that money will add up into a nice wad of spending money to use on your vacation.

Have Your Bank Round Up to the Nearest Dollar

Many banks have the option for customers to round up to the nearest dollar on all bank card transactions. The extra money on each transaction is usually place in a savings account. Throughout the year, you’ll be surprised how little you miss that extra money. When vacation time rolls around, you’ll appreciate this exercise in saving money.

Collect Your Tax Refund Check

Many people who earn under $50,000 a year qualify for the earned income tax credit or EIC, which means that many people in this income bracket will receive a tax refund. In order to receive the tax refund, you have to file your taxes even if you don’t owe any tax or aren’t required to file. Tax refund checks are a great way to come up with money for your vacation. (Source:–It%E2%80%99s-easier-than-ever-to-find-out-if-you-qualify-for-EITC)

Save Money by Planning Ahead

Large expenses are often easier to afford if you budget to pay for them in small chunks. You can do this with vacation expenses in several different ways. If you set aside a certain amount from each paycheck throughout the year, you’ll have the money for your trip by the time you need it. Also, pay attention to hotel costs, airfares and other expenses. By planning ahead, you may be able to shop around and get lower rates.

You don’t have to be in the top one percent in order to afford a vacation. You do, however, have to learn and implement tips on saving money. Once you develop a plan to help you save and pay for your vacation, stick to it. With careful saving and budgeting you will likely find that you can afford an even better vacation than you expected.

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