Work at Home by Bringing Your Business Online

You Have A Great Idea, You Turn It Into A Great, Sell-Able Product, But Now What?

Finding ways to sell products is one of the most difficult feat for vendors. Physically opening a store can cost tens of thousands of dollars a month for rent; money for interior decorating; money for operation costs such as electricity; the list goes on.

An online business is the best way to sell your products and lower your operating costs. Running an online business can work in 2 ways:

1. You Sell Directly From Your Website.

Issues: This involves daily website maintenance, and ruthless self-promotion all over the Internet to attract people not only to your website, but persuade them to buy your products. This is extremely time-consuming, and if you have a day-job, you will not have time to promote your business.

Solutions: You can reduce the time you need to spend on promoting your website and products by registering and offering your products on online classified, such as, or You can post ads for your sellable products on these sites, sit back, and wait to be contacted.

These sites are the most popular of all online classifieds, so you will surely have responses within the same day of posting. What these sites also allow for are some basic self-promotion. When someone comes across your ad, you can include a link to your website, so if the visitor isn’t finding quite what they’re looking for, they can visit your site for more products.

2. Engage In Affiliate Marketing As A Merchant.

Issues: You can post your products on affiliate marketing websites like and and have registered users promote your products for you by posting links and ads on various websites. You don’t receive 100% of the profit, however, because using affiliate marketing programs requires you to pay your salesperson a commission. It’s only fair that if they’re doing the work for you, they are entitled to a generous portion of it.

Solutions: You can engage in affiliate marketing programs once your sales start to turnover, and you can afford to pay marketers for their time. When you first start, it is best to post to online classified ads until you begin to turn an income. After that, you can relax and let the marketers do the promoting for you.
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