Work At Home With Affiliate Marketing

Ready To Move Past The Status Quo 9-5 Office Job?

Work At Home jobs are for people who are ready to move past the status quo 9-5 office job into an international business realm, all from the comforts of their homes.

This phenomenon is becoming more popular, and consequently, Work At Home SCAM websites are popping up to match the demand. How is one to tell the difference between a credible work at home information source and one that’s simply trying to capitalize on vulnerable visitors?

We’ve done the work for you! After much research, we’ve weeded out the scamming work at home website, narrowed down the best two options that should put you in the right direction. Read the reviews below, become well-informed, and get on your way to earning extra income from your living room!


ClickBank is an easy to use affiliate marketing program. Affiliate marketing simply means that you are promoting products for other companies and products, known as affiliates. Signing up is free.

ClickBank offers up to 75% commission on products you successfully “sell.” Selling a product is often as simple as posting a link or an advertisement on a web site, and having visitors click on the link. You receive more money if the visitor purchases the product. ClickBank offers a Marketplace for you to choose the products you would like to promote. You can choose as many as you want.

There are no contracts to work with ClickBank, so you can work at your leisure, at the pace you want.

What we also liked about ClickBank was the detailed statistics they provide you regarding each of the products. You can figure out which ones will work the best for you and which are the most profitable for the kind of work you want to do.

Another bonus for people looking for income quickly is that ClickBank can pay you weekly and with direct deposits, eliminating the wait time for your earnings.

We rated ClickBank 5/5 for user-relevance and helping their employees to be successful.


Affiliate marketing is a global trend and as such, Click2Sell originates from Europe, but promotes globally.

Click2Sell offers up to 95% of sales commissions and you can promote as many products as you want.

What we thought was interesting was that since it is a European-based manager, some of the profit you will make might be in Pounds or Euros. Depending on the exchange rate of the particular day, you could be looking at receiving more money than you expected. That’s a nice surprise.
Within the Click2Sell Marketplace, it explicitly tells user the profit they can hope to receive by promoting each product. You can browse the marketplace and choose what products suit you best.

Another good feature of Click2Sell is it has it’s own merchant rating system, so that when the merchant pays its affiliates (that’s you) you can rate the merchant based on your experience.

We rated Click2Sell a 5/5 for credibility and opportunities for success.

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