Free Money Is Real And Attainable

Free money may seem like something impossible, or completely unachievable, without going to every bank in your local town to take out loans and start lines of credit. You can get free money though, and it’s not as hard as many people might think.

1 Scholarships

If you are considering attending school, scholarships are the number 1 way that you can get, and use, free money. Most scholarships can be used for all of your school expenses including tuition, living costs and some even allow students to use scholarships for books. Scholarships never have to be paid back.

2 Business Grants

The government likes to see small businesses in small towns succeed. If you are planning on opening up a business or have even thought about it, consider applying for a government grant to help you open up the business. These grants are free money toward your business.

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3 Unclaimed Assets

While it may not be considered technically free because you did pay them at one time, unclaimed assets are a great way to find a little extra cash that you forgot you had. The department of treasury in each state has a search engine you can use to find any unclaimed assets.

4 Housing Grants

As with business grants, the government offers free money to people that are looking to upgrade their home or move into a first time home. Housing grants cover everything from poor credit first time home buyers to upgrading to energy efficient windows.

5 Credit Cards

Even though credit card companies will often try to get you with high interest rates and monthly fees you can turn it around on the company and take extreme advantage of their perks and incentives. Get a card that offers cash back or reward programs.

6 Rewards Cards

Many grocery stores and retail stores have rewards cards and bonus programs that allow you to instantly save money when you purchase certain items. By taking some time and perusing your local grocery store’s program, you can do some simple math and figure out how to get food for free.

7 Personal Grants

A personal grant is something like a personal loan, but you do not have to pay the money back. Government programs help citizens in need to get money that they would need to survive by offering grants. These are simple to apply to on your state government’s website.

8 Use Websites

There are many websites and mobile applications that will pay you for simply shopping through them. Do all of your regular online shopping or shopping in a physical store, but scan receipts and enter purchases through the applications to get free money back.

Whether you are in need of a little extra cash or you need a large sum of money for a big home repair, there are many ways to get free money without having to visit every bank in your town and apply for high interest rate loans.

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