How to Make Easy Money on eBay?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many people who make easy money by selling things on eBay. In theory, it sounds easy enough. Just haunt local thrift stores, antique shops, flea markets and yard sales to find other people’s unwanted stuff, spiff them up a little, create listings and start raking in serious money. If only it was that easy. Like many who try to become eBay power sellers, you may find yourself spinning your tires as items you were positive would fly “off the shelves” get nary a single bid. Never fear: Learning how to sell on eBay successfully almost entirely relies on learning how to do the right research. It’s a lot easier than you probably think.

Pinpoint Profitable Items with These Simple Steps

Never head over to a garage sale or thrift store without your smartphone or tablet. You’ll need an Internet connection too, so make sure you have plenty of data available. When you come across something you think may perform well on eBay, follow these steps to find out for sure whether or not it’s worth your while:

1 Open eBay

Open the eBay website or app on your smartphone. Perform a search for the item you’re considering.

2 Filter the Results

Filter the results by “sold only.” Items that aren’t sold yet aren’t going to do you any good.

3 Sort the Filtered Results

Sort the filtered results by “Price + Shipping: Highest.” This will give you a clear idea of the maximum you can expect to get for the item.

4 Scan the Descriptions

Scan the descriptions of the filtered and sorted items to zero in on ones that most closely match the item you’re considering.

5 Make Notes

Make mental notes — or actual notes — as you peruse similar items to get a feel for the average price for which they seem to sell.

6 Deduct About 30 Percent

Gain a clearer idea of how much you can actually make for an item by deducting about 30 percent from the sale price. This 30 percent should account for eBay and PayPal fees, shipping materials and other extraneous costs.

7 Is the Profit Worth It?

Take the total after deducting the 30 percent and compare it to how much you’ll have to pay for the item. If the profit is worth it, go ahead and buy it.

How to Buy and Sell on eBay: Brainstorming New Items to Sell

Don’t get stuck in a rut when selling items on eBay. The most successful sellers are always looking for ways to branch out. Don’t just choose a new item at random, though. Follow these steps to find items that will actually generate profit for you:

  1. Search the eBay site or app for an item you know to be of decent value.
  2. Filter the results by “sold items only,” and then sort them by “Price + Shipping: Highest.”
  3. Go down the list checking out the top 40 or so sellers. Find out what else they sell by clicking on “seller’s other items.” Filter the results to show the seller’s “sold” history, and sort it by “Price + Shipping: Highest.”
  4. Make a list of items the seller seems to do well with, and then perform searches for it on eBay to pinpoint the most profitable makes, models, styles, brands and so on.

When it comes to making easy money on eBay, selling the right items is more than half the battle. With these tips in mind, you’ll be off to a great start.

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