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Every year, thousands of people start new businesses, embark on their educations and begin other exciting new ventures using free money from the government. At any given moment, there’s a huge amount of free grant money waiting around to be picked up by proactive people. The trick is knowing where to find it and how to get it. is continually updated with accurate, up-to-date information about grants and other ways to get free money from the government. The right government grant can open up all kinds of exciting doors, and obtaining one may be easier than you think!

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$20 FREE from T-Mobile

Free Money From T-Mobile? If you use T-Mobile and expect to have a refund when tax time rolls around, you may be in luck. The telecommunications giant recently announced that they will reward customers who use their Mobile Money service … Read More

Government Money Reader Tip

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You can get a lot of money from the government and the White House. … Read More

Can You Get Free Money from Class Action Lawsuits

Most people don't remember the days of non-Internet past, but it used to be that you had to file extensive paperwork just to join a class action lawsuit. Nowadays, you just have to sign online. In fact, there are nearly 50 class action lawsuits … Read More

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