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Latest Articles - Education Grants

Is Government Money Really Free?

Grants For Business, Organizations, And Individuals The U.S. government really does offer grants to businesses, organizations and individuals who qualify for them. The grants can go toward funding various projects and ventures, depending … Read More

The Pell Grant Offers Free Money For School

Free Money For College If you are interested in going to college but don't think you can afford it, you should consider learning more about the Pell Grant. This grant is offered by the federal government, and it gives qualifying students … Read More

Free Money for College

Get Free Money For College When you are preparing yourself to head off to college, you may begin to feel overwhelmed due to financial stress and strain. Dealing with the rising costs of furthering your education can be extremely difficult, … Read More

Free Money for Literacy

$70,000 Granted To Schools In California Government grants totalling $70,000 went to elementary, middle and high schools in California, New York and Nevada. Government grants, essentially free money, are in support of literacy-based … Read More

Government Education Grants

Amendments To Current Policy American college students can look forward to bigger government grants and student loans as the federal student loan program is set to receive a much needed overhaul. These student loan amendments found in the … Read More

Free Grants For College

Think You Can't Afford College? Don’t let go of your dreams of going to the best college just because you cannot afford it. Why let your ambitions die when the government has enough funds to sponsor education of those who really need it? … Read More

Free Grant Money

What is Grant Money? In the times of recession, nothing is a greater benefit than free grant money. Grant money can come from the federal government, private companies and even non-profit organizations. The government is legally obligated … Read More

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