How To Get Money Without Haggling Your Friends Or Family Members

Many families struggle with finances. The high levels of unemployment and underemployment that have become more common in recent years have left many people searching for ways to come up with extra money. One way is to hit up family or friends for a short-term loan. Other people try to get payday loans, but the interest rates that these loans charge generally make them a bad option. There are ways to get money free on a regular basis. Here are a few that might be useful.

Use a Search and Earn Site

Internet users can search the web to make money each week. A couple of sites that pay out are and The first allows users to earn digital currency through easy tasks like answering polls, searching through the site’s search bar or playing videos on the site. This digital currency can build up, and users can cash out for electronic gift cards to major retailers. Those looking for cash can save up for PayPal cash, and this can then be transferred into a bank account. Qmee is a tool that allows users to earn actual cash by searching. Checking out the sites they recommend can pay off in a few cents here and there that can be transferred into a PayPal account. While you won’t get rich on these sites, they can help you get money free on a regular basis.

Write a Few Articles

While this method requires a bit of work, there are a number of online freelance writing sites that allow people the opportunity to make a few bucks in their spare time. Some will even pay out weekly. Most sites will have a rating system that pays more for better writers. It will be difficult to get rich in this manner, but writing a few articles every week can help pay the bills.

Answer Surveys

There are several sites that allow users to answer surveys that major businesses use to try and gauge public opinion. Some sites that advertise will not allow you to get money free. Therefore, it’s important to check online reviews to see which sites are the most reputable and pay out the best. Signing up for multiple sites can help you make money on a regular basis. Just be sure to avoid any sites that look like scams on the reviews.

Sell Unused Goods

It’s possible to sell household items or books that you’re not using on sites like It is also possible to make a few bucks taking these items to a consignment shop or second-hand store, or you could just have a yard sale. It can be possible to really rack up some money over time, and it can also get rid of clutter in your house as a side benefit.

While it might be tempting to ask for money from family or friends, it’s very easy to come up with a few ways that can really pay off in the long run. People who are frugal and use these methods can even wind up with a sizable savings account over time.

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