Web Hosting For Online Businesses and Affiliate Marketing Websites

Starting a business or affiliate marketing campaign requires excellent resources and a way to attract customers and clients easily. The most effective way to attract potential clients is to build a website using a web hosting account for brand image and campaigns. Some of the best website hosting tools are included in a package. Below are some examples of some of the best web hosting accounts available for starting a business.


Dreamhost’s hosting accounts allow for an unlimited amount of space and domain names. Dreamhost has a particularly unique niche for optimized WordPress installations for a flat rate per month. The site uses an assisted migration process for new content and the ability to use any plugin that you want.


Name.com features domain registration and site hosting in one package. Some of the best hosts feature marketplaces to check auctions for domain names and translate them into branding strategies. Name.com uses a domain nabber and other tools for swapping domains. They also feature hosting support to build mobile websites that are SEO-friendly.


Network Solutions features several tools for site hosting. The WordPress blog hosting account can be purchased with a digital SSL certificate for safety. Network Solutions also features a marketing center that is popular with both businesses and affiliate marketers. Users can include optimizers and subscriptions to email marketing tools on their site through the account. Users with several hosts can consolidate into one by using web forwarding techniques.


CompanyName.com is a premiere platform for building a website and hosts all types of domain names. The marketplace feature allow users to purchase most domains for under $10 and features good and fair prices for web host accounts. Most plans start out at only $6.99 and feature domain registration with an optimized site builder. The optimized building center includes web marketing tools such as shopping carts and search engine visibility packages for SEO. A maximum of 1,000 email accounts are available with the Ultimate hosting plan. Domain names can be purchased with a secure SSL certificate from both domestic and international domain options.

Some of the best website hosting plans will offer multiple features for starting a business. Be sure to research some of the best hosts available to make your own comparisons on what will work best for your business.

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